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About Us

Previous Experience and Customer Base

Our current client data base includes: Nissan South Africa, Faurecia JIT Ford, Siemens South Africa, ABB Powertech, Secor Precision Tools, August Lapple South Africa, FIAT, National Car Corporation and Tubecon.

Competitive advantage

Most personnel companies do not have a very long life expectancy as witnessed in South Africa as of late. The Genesis group of companies will not be following the industry norm. The Genesis group of companies boasts an exceptionally strong management team with a combined experience of in excess of 12 (twelve) years experience in the divisions of the Genesis Group. Each of the directors are personally involved in their area of expertise, as well as in the management of the various divisions of the group.

Clients will be provided with the cellular phone numbers of the directors, managers, site supervisors and consultants to ensure a 24-hour availability.

We firmly believe that the long-term commitment to our clients is our guarantee of sustained growth.

Our biggest competitive edge is our excellent relationship with our clients, and the ability to provide a wide range of services.

Risk Protection & Public Liaibility:

We are aware that accidents do happen; we therefore have the infrastructure in place to cover liability costs according to our client’s needs.